Supplementary set synchronous wood + glass for the NOVA 80 series

Product information "Supplementary set synchronous wood + glass for the NOVA 80 series"

NOVA 80 Synchron. 

Curtain up for a special room design, especially with large passage widths. Our NOVA 80 Synchron add-on set makes moving double-leaf doors impressively easy. It is enough to push a door leaf for the two doors – which are connected by a wear-free toothed belt – to move at the same time. In this way, passages can be opened and closed quickly and conveniently. Impress your guests!
Assembly Options: Pocket Door, Wall-Mounted, Ceiling-Mounted
Door Weight: up to 40 kg, up to 80 kg
Equipment Configuration: Damping, Synchron, T-Master Opening Assistance
Facing / Look: On Site Facing
Shop Category: Sliding door technology\wood, Sliding door technology\glass
Wing Quantity: 2
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