NOVA 150 ET3 Wood set (max. 80 kg)

Product information "NOVA 150 ET3 Wood set (max. 80 kg)"
NOVA 150 ET3 Wood: Effortless sliding doors (running track, adapter profiles, and cover plates can be added to this set if needed). 
Discover the simplest way to move a sliding door with the unique low-energy drive system of NOVA 150 ET3. This system effortlessly moves your sliding door, whether wood or glass, with a panel weight of up to 80 kg, quietly and without any exertion. Its wear-free drive redefines comfort, making it ideal for private households. Safety is paramount, with compliance to barrier-free construction specifications and incorporation of various safety features. Complete with a wide range of possible combinations including motion detectors, buttons, and radio transmitters, this feature-rich solution offers unparalleled convenience.
Door Weight: up to 40 kg, up to 80 kg
Equipment Configuration: Automatic
Facing / Look: Aluminum Covers
Shop Category: Sliding door technology\wood
Wing Quantity: 1
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